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Our Story

How my personal experiences shaped the company that I have built, and the experiences that I can offer you

Out of Office was born after a three-month sabbatical in South America in 2017. I left an exciting job in the online marketing world, that I loved, because of a nagging feeling that there had to be something more. With no idea what that looked like, and no expectations I found it.  

What was ‘it’? Adventure. People. Smiling faces. Plain and simply back to basics. It was just me, my laptop and strangers speaking another language. This was living. Out on a limb. 

After returning to London, my organised, practical self, came back, but suddenly that Megan had to share her space with the Megan I met and embraced on my adventures. After the experiences I had, and insights gained from the lessons life put in front of me, I realised that the two had to co-exist.


That this antithesis could be the defining and differentiating factor that makes my hospitality business provide experiences and services that are that much more unique, relevant and memorable.

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